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Welcome to the Baby Train!!

Every little baby wants to ride a train, but this train is about adult baby adventures. One that starts with helping mommy build a baby world filled with mommies and babies. As with any adventure, a back story sets the stage. Each week mommy will add more to the story, with your help the adventures will be endless.

The Adult Baby Fantasy Train

One day a lady burden with 100 acres of land, placed a sign in front of the property. A young mother walked by just as the sign was being murdered into the ground. The lady with anger in her voice banged harder saying the words " I would give this land away just to live a life filled with peace." At that moment, the young mother saw a chance to change her life. She offered the lady, her smaller acre lot with a nice 2100 square foot house, in exchange for the 100 acres of land with a smaller 1000 square foot home. The lady quickly agreed. Who would imagine the very turn of events that day changed the world of AB Play?

My name is Mommy Leslie and I am the mommy with the 100 acres. Let's build our Mommy Baby Home. 

The 1,000 square foot home comes with 3 bedrooms. The masters, of course, a nursery, of course, and Playroom of fun, similar to a classroom. All the rooms were small, but 100 acres allowed for room to grow.

Babies all wanted to join in, to build the baby world. Words of "let us build a pool, a bigger house, a daycare center, an amusement park for adult babies, a diaper zoo, a diaper park, a diaper trail, mommy/baby Toyland, and etc." All of the ideas were fun to think of, but which do I choose first?

Toy Land

Mommy Thought for a long time and realized the babies needed a TOY LAND. In seconds, mommy had drawn out an 10 acre lot of land that contained the new TOY Land for all the adult babies. Filled with f

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