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This is a PICTURE OF my PERFECT Baby Boy. I am a very Proud MOMMY! I never thought I would find my baby for life and now that I have my focus has changed. I am no longer looking for my little one but hope to help other babies find their mommy/daddy. Never give up.

Kids' Paintings


Every story continues, and so does mine. My life as an adult baby mommy is still going strong. I battled cancer with my new baby boy, and I can't be more grateful to have him by my side. He is sweet, loving, handsome, and I love him more than the moon in the sky above. I do wish we had more mommy/baby friends or even baby friends he likes to play with, but for now, I am just enjoying him. He wears training pants for a few days and diapers. We love going to Diaper Depot in the Atlanta area for Diapers. Every day we are mommy and baby, but most people do not know. 

We are working on the nursery, but finding baby furniture seems to be harder than I imagined. I have seen many Adult Size toys and can't wait to be well enough to throw a massive event for babies. I can't tell you my dream but can say to you; I have been collecting items for something BIGGG.

My story

How I became a MOMMY!
My x boyfriend was the love of my life. He was supportive and loving. When I started attending classes to become a Nurse Assistant. He was the first one to say, " You could do it." While in the CNA course, I had a professor tell us that the best way to learn was to experience with hands-on training on real people. So I went home and asked my loving ex-boyfriend to let me shave him and bathe him. He said, "OK." I practiced everything learned in class on him. One day my teacher handed us all one diaper and said," Try and put it on yourself or an adult that would let you."  After two days of trying to figure out a way to ask him. I finally decided to ask. He wasn't so happy to do it, but he did it for me. I made it a sexual thing, and he loved it. Plus I got to practice on someone that was human. After Graduating, I started working many hours, and soon he became angry about me not spending time with him. One day after months of hearing him complain, I went off. I told him that my patients didn't have a choice but to be taken care of by someone. Then how each one wore diapers and needed to be feed. I told him that he was a grown man and could take care of himself. Hearing him not say a word, I felt as if I was getting through to him. S
o I kept going on and on. Finally, I decided I was going to give him what he wanted. We went to my car to buy him some diapers. The whole time he was quiet so, I thought I was going to teach him a lesson. When we got to the grocery store,  he knew precisely the right aisle to go on. I didn't think anything of it at the time, just kept thinking I was going to teach him to be jealous. When we got home, I went to remove his pants and saw his wee-wee was standing up. I knew something was wrong; I started calling him all kinds of names from crazy to weird to he was a freak. He told me about him being an adult baby, and there were many people out there like him. Then he showed me the dpf site. At that moment, I didn't want to hear it. Later that night, I decided to go on the site to see for myself. Hours later and site after site.  I realized that he wasn't weird and maybe he wanted for someone to care for him. So, I decided I would learn to be his mommy, to please him. From that day we became mommy/baby everyday after work. It was something I started to love without knowing. After we broke up, I thought my life as an adult baby mommy was over.  Months later, I was back to dpf looking for my very own adult baby/diaper lover again.  Over the years adult babies/diaper lovers have been my best friends and lovers. To all of them that treated me good  I say,


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