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Story Time

Meeting Baby Mikey

By : Mommy Leslie

Meeting Baby Mikey - Mommy Leslie

Once upon a time, there lived a little adult baby that was loved by mommy in all ways, including his pure form. Mommies, going to start by telling the story about how Baby Mikey became mommies baby. 


Every little baby begins somewhere and mommies cute adult baby was no different. The adult baby named Baby Mikey rarely came to life to friends and family. Learning to be the person everyone wanted him to become was a job that he longed to quit. Baby Mikey lived as an adult with all the stress of life and heartbreaking moments for many years but wanted for the love; only a real adult baby mommy can give.


Mommy saw her cute little diaper boy in a toy store looking for a stuffy and completely overwhelmed with all the selections. The diaper peaking from under his shirt was hidden but in plain sight of a real adult baby mommy. The puffy buns, slight waddle, and the tell-tell sign of standing with his legs apart. Cute but very much visible. He had no idea. He was about to be talking to an adult baby mommy. Mommy slowly walked over to little Mikey and said, " So many choices for a cutey pie!" Little Mikey smiled at the idea that someone would think the toy was for him. I recommended the big teddy bear on the bottom shelf. As he bent down, the evidence of a diaper exposed with teddy bears, placed a smile on mommies' face. Mommy said, " What a cute diaper , I am sure it comes in handle, cutey pie. It was awesome to see an strong adult wearing diapers. Little Mikey had no idea, I was an adult baby mommy, and knew all of the brands and styles. I whispered into his ear, " All adult babies need their diapers and teddy bears." Little Mike was so shocked that his eyes grew, Wayyyy Big. I gave little baby Mikey, a card that had mommies number on the back, and a kiss on the cheek. Mommy didn't know there would be a day that Baby Mikey would be calling her MOMMY. Mommy walked away from Baby Mikey, without knowing the future but there he stood with the way to mommies heart.  Mommy can't give baby Mikey enough love for going to that toy store or for the next steps that came to truly be, Baby Mikeys' Story.

Life little ones' was meant to have pleasant surprises that lead to life's true moments.

Promise Mommy That Life Will Be Filled with Great Moments of Happiness.


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Baby Mikey's First Phone Call with Mommy

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