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Adult Baby Rules

Reason 4 Rules

Everyone knows that rules can be a pain the butt, even in the fetish world, rules are a must have. The guide to knowing the consequences of ones' actions, doesn't stop when the fetish begins. 

Role Playing of all kinds exist to give both Mommy/Daddy and Baby an outlet. Rules make playtime real and gives it the needed boost to start the regression juices. 


Getting the mood and environment right can be tricky. Rules like " the nursery is an adult baby zone" Makes it easier to know what is expected. Personally, I have a rule of only LOVE is in the nursery. Every Mommy/Daddy is different, but rules are needed. 

Program Rule Outline

Start Slow!!! Remember NO ONE can remember all the rules over night. Plus, a Mommy/Daddy can't foresee the need for a rule in advance. Living a Lifestyle as an Adult Baby/ Adult Baby Mommy/Daddy takes a Lifetime. 

I have been an Adult Baby Mommy years and I'm still adding and subtracting from the list of Rules. Remember if you like it, do it. If it isn't fun reject it. Being an Adult Baby is meant to create an stress free environment, not one that causes heart ache. 

Mommy believes in the 5 New Rules a Week Outline. Learn not memorize. Ask Mommy/ Daddy questions and yes little babies have reasons , why you can't do a rule. ( If you are not ready for the rule because your adult job makes it hard, Tell mommy). Mommies/ Daddies Love their little ones and only want the best for them. 


Rules : Week One 

Adult Baby Rules


Week One

  1. Trust Mommy/ Daddy! ( Mommy wants the best for her little baby. Trust must be earned before starting any program or fetish play.)

  2. Obey Mommy/Daddy! (Mommy can't control a baby that is Hell Bent on being naughty. It will add an element of real life stress that is not needed.)

  3. Diaper wearing time will be discussed before the program an assigned based on function and desire.

  4. Masturbation times and ways will be decided by Mommy/Daddy. ( No one needs to masturbate but everyone thinks they do.)

  5. Mommy/Daddy will pick out your clothing. ( Everyone knows a baby can't pick out matching clothing. Silly Little One!)

1-5 Rules: Week OneMommy Leslie

Week 2 : Rules

Adult Baby Rules Guide: Week Two

  • Mommies have the ability to know when little ones are hiding secrets. When your biggest secret is accepted (ABDL/Fetsih Secret) there is no need to hid anything. Always tell mommy what your feeling, it will make you feel better. (Mommies/Daddies remember little ones are known to make mistakes. Love Them, Hug Them, Kiss Them, And Accept Them.)

Week Two RulesMommy Leslie

Week 3: Rules

Week 3 Rules - Mommy Leslie
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Week 4: Rules

Adult Baby Rules


Week Four

  1.   Loyalty to mommy is a must. I expect you to remain submissive to my desires at all times. That way mommy can ensure yout truly happy everyday.

  2.  Your bedtime is at 11 pm!  This includes having on a clean nighttime diaper, your pacifier in your mouth and under the sheets.  If you have called and asked permission to stay up longer, and it has been granted, before bedtime, not during or after, then you may stay up until the previously agreed to time. ** WARNING: Mommy will write it all down just in case you forget.

  3. When we are not together you will keep a journal of everything you do.  This is to include where you go, what you eat, who you are with and what you are doing. Remember, I will be checking to verify that you are in fact doing what it is that you say you are doing.

  4. Privacy, you will have none!  At any moment in time, Mommy can call or text you. Unless you have a very good reason or have told me in advance that you can’t answer, I will expect you to. I will keep track of you via text messages and punishment will be given if no response is received.

  5.  I will pick out your clothes and decide what you will wear each and every day. Some days I may pick something out just to tease you. Some days you may be dressing and going out as a lil boy or with elements of baby clothes showing (this may include diapers).  You are not to question Mommy in her decision.  Sometimes I may also allow you to wear training pants with plastic panties over them. DO NOT let this go to your head or it will land on your bottom with a nice bare bottom spanking. (I do not tolerate disobeying Mommy!)

Week Five: Rules

Adult Baby Rules


Week Five

  1. You are allowed to have friends but I will decide who is a good influence on you and who is not. If I feel that they will hurt you, I won’t allow you to be friends with them.

  2. Your relationship with mommy is number one. You will box up all of your prior girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husbands’ things in a box and either call them to get them or throw them away. 

  3. You will not be allowed to cum unless Mommy is watching.  When Mommy does allow you to cum you will be thinking about your diapers that Mommy has signed and dated along with the utter and complete control she has over you.  You will say out loud, “I love my Mommy and my diapers!” as you cum.

  4. Every day when you get home you will kiss me and give me a hug Never forget this.  Mommy loves you and misses you all day.  She’s excited to see you and wants to know that you are as well.

  5. Diapers will be worn until they are wet That means the baby must use them..

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