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Combining Fetishes

Yes, combining fetishes can be hard but when your in a relationship with someone, its worth it. Fetishes have a unique commend denominator ( dominant and submissive sides) Deciding which one you are for each fetish will make it easy to combine. Add diapers to a furry, add spanking to an adult baby lifestyle, or add the penis fetish to the latex fetish. It can be fun and exciting to create your on unique twist to multiple combined fetishes. Have fun!!

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Spanking Fetish & Diapers

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I am a complete baby - incl. susessful incontinence training (also with Ballonbladdercathether to shrink my bladder into a baby bladder - my bladder volume is 200-250ml). My food is changed into only infant food - is means that i get infant follow on milk 1 - sometimes infant porridge for 4 - 5 infants. As an infant i don´t need teeth and so my teeths extracted all - its also better to talk like a baby or to screech. My baby age is now 18 months - previously 36 months and 24 months. I don't have a cell phone. My music system and my CDs and records (kiss, queen, ac/dc) were given away and I then got a use…


Yes I like the idea of combined fetishes I'm an abdl sissy baby, I like spanking and forced penis fetish. Punishments and some humiliation

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